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American USA Flag 3ft X 5ft MADE IN THE USA

  • Flags make great gifts for any occasion
  • Show your pride for Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and every day of the year
  • Made in Maine/U.S.A. by skilled craftspeople
  • Durable Nylon fabric and overlapping “French Seams” for extended durability
  • 100% American made materials
  • Embroidered star field
  • Nickel-plated brass grommet
  • At Afrizona's Maine Stitching Specialties facility we produce hand-crafted American flags from 100% American made products. Our flags are assembled one stripe at a time, feature fully embroidered star fields, nickel-plated brass grommets, and are constructed with double stitch rows for long lasting durability indoors or out. Our durable nylon fabric is made from 100% US-made polymers and is spun and woven in US mills.