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Nova Scotia Canadian 3x5 Polyester Flag


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  • The flag of Nova Scotia, created in 1858, is a banner of the coat of arms of Nova Scotia, which were granted to the Scottish colony by Charles I, in 1625.

    The flag of the modern Canadian province, a blue saltire on a white field (background), is a simple figure-ground reversal of the flag of Scotland (a white saltire, Saint Andrew's cross, on a blue field, charged with an inescutcheon bearing the royal arms of Scotland, a gold shield with a red lion rampant surrounded by a loyal double tressure (a double border decorated with fleurs de lis).

    The similarity to the Scottish flag reflects the province's name, which is Latin for "New Scotland". Nova Scotia was one of the few British colonies to be granted its own Coat of Arms, and the flag is the only one of the original Canadian provinces dating back to before confederation.

    Despite continuous usage of the flag to represent Nova Scotia since 1858, the flag was only recognized by the Provincial government of Nova Scotia as the official provincial flag in May 2013, through the Provincial Flag Act (Bill 82), after an eleven-year old girl researching a project realized that no one had recognized the flag officially in 155 years of usage.

    This Nova Scotia Canadian 3x5 Polyester Flag is a NEW beautiful printed polyester flag. This item has two metal grommets on a reinforced header for easy hanging and features four rows of stitching on the fly edge. Constructed with durable but lightweight polyester, the flag flies well in light winds, yet is suitable for flying on blustery days. Flag is NEW in original packaging. Vibrant colors are fade resistant.